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Benefits of Drain Jetting London Surrey using Cadmap Limited Drain Line Cleaning.

  • Effectiveness: Jetting is one of the most effective methods for thoroughly cleaning pipes and removing tough obstructions.
  • Prevention: Regular jetting can prevent future blockages by keeping pipes clean and free of debris buildup.
  • Versatility: Can be used on various types and sizes of pipes, making it a versatile solution for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
  • Non-Invasive: Unlike some mechanical methods, jetting doesn't require digging up pipes or other invasive procedures.

Both drainage line cleaning and jetting are crucial for maintaining the health of drainage systems, preventing blockages, and avoiding costly repairs. Regular maintenance using these methods can extend the life of drainage infrastructure and ensure it operates efficiently.

Cadmap VANPACK Jetter London Surrey

The HWX Vanpack is a specialized piece of equipment designed for high-pressure water jetting, particularly for use in cleaning and maintaining drainage systems. It is typically mounted in a van or similar vehicle, making it mobile and convenient for various on-site applications. Here’s a detailed overview of the HWX Vanpack:

Features and Specifications

  1. High-Pressure Pump: The core component is a high-pressure pump capable of delivering water at pressures typically ranging from 1500 to 5000 psi. This high-pressure stream is essential for effectively cleaning and clearing blockages in drainage pipes.

  2. Water Tank: The Vanpack includes a water tank of sufficient capacity to provide a continuous water supply for the jetting operations. The size of the tank can vary, but it is generally designed to be large enough for extended use without frequent refilling.

  3. Hose Reel: Equipped with a robust hose reel that holds a high-pressure hose, often between 60 and 100 meters in length. The hose reel allows for easy deployment and retrieval of the hose during operations.

  4. Nozzles: The Vanpack comes with a variety of jetting nozzles, each designed for specific tasks such as cutting through roots, grease, or general debris. These nozzles can be easily attached to the high-pressure hose.

  5. Control Panel: Features a user-friendly control panel for operating the pump and adjusting the water pressure. Some models may include advanced controls like pressure regulation and flow rate adjustments.

  6. Engine: Powered by a reliable engine, often diesel, which provides the necessary power for the high-pressure pump. The engine is typically designed for fuel efficiency and durability.

  7. Compact Design: Designed to fit into the back of a standard van, allowing for mobility and ease of transport. The compact design ensures that it can be used in urban environments where space may be limited.


  1. Drain and Sewer Cleaning London Surrey: The primary application is cleaning drains and sewers by removing blockages and debris to ensure smooth flow and prevent backups.

  2. Surface Cleaning London Surrey: Can be used for cleaning surfaces like pavements, driveways, and walls by removing grime, dirt, and graffiti with high-pressure water.

  3. Pipe Descaling London Surrey: Effective in removing scale buildup inside pipes, which can improve flow and prevent corrosion.

  4. Root Cutting London Surrey: Special nozzles can cut through tree roots that have invaded drainage pipes, preventing further damage and blockages.


  1. Efficiency London Surrey: High-pressure water jetting is one of the most effective methods for clearing and cleaning pipes, ensuring thorough removal of debris and blockages.

  2. Versatility London Surrey: The HWX Vanpack’s various nozzles and adjustable pressure settings make it suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

  3. Mobility London Surrey: Being mounted in a van, the HWX Vanpack can be easily transported to different job sites, making it ideal for commercial cleaning services.

  4. Environmentally Friendly: Uses water rather than chemicals, making it an environmentally friendly option for cleaning and maintenance.

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