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"Specialising in measured building, land & topographical surveys"

Verified View Montage Photography

AVR surveying is provided for 3D Visualisation companies to assist in accurate visualisation view positioning. Cadmap provides GPS survey data points and coordinates displayed on high quality photographs and 3D data in AutoCAD format, this enables the visualisation company to "fix and position" their design to give the best possible architectural visualisation view (pre-development).

This process can also be described as:

  • Accurate Visual Representations (AVR)
  • Accurate View Representations (AVR)
  • Verified Images
  • Verified View Montages (VVM)

Cadmap Limited offer a unique Verified View Montage Photography and Surveying service for 3D Visualisation Companies who undertake Verified Views. Trained staff carry out the photography and surveying at the same time using specially engineered surveying equipment, the camera is perfectly sycrynised with the total station for alignment with the survey nail, once the photograph is captured, we simply remove the camera and clamp on the total Station and survey the detail required.

Prices are designed on a 'Per View' basis on both Photography and Surveying.