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AVR surveying is provided for 3D Visualisation companies to assist in accurate visualisation view positioning. Cadmap provides GPS survey data points and coordinates displayed on high quality photographs and 3D data in AutoCAD format, this enables the visualisation company to "fix and position" their design to give the best possible architectural visualisation view (pre-development).

This process can also be described as:

  • Accurate Visual Representations (AVR)
  • Verified Images
  • Verified View Montages (VVM)

AVR0: Accurate Visual Representation Level 0

Location and size of proposal. This is the most basic visualisation. It shows just the building outline and massing, superimposed in the correct position over the baseline. It is usually a simple line graphic.

This level gives the general outline of the size. It is often used a first stage massing study in the design process or for outline discussion with planning departments and stakeholders. It is there to help see how the development will fit in the landscape and impact views.

AVR1: Accurate Visual Representation Level 1

Location, size, and degree of visibility. This stage merges the basic model into the photo, making it seem to be ‘behind’ certain other features. This better shows its location, size and visibility from that specific angle, as it now exists relative to existing features (e.g. trees, other buildings, street signs).

This is similar to an AVR0 Verified View and is often shown as a block massing or wireframe, but it gives some site-specific context. It helps to show how the proposal would fill the space of that specific site.

AVR2: Accurate Visual Representation Level 2

As Level 1, plus detailed architectural form. This is a step up from AVR Level 1, as the model now includes much more detail. Windows, extrusions and shapes now give it a real sense of identity. Instead of just blocking out a mass of building, you get a sense of the identity of the actual proposal.

This stage is often used for distance views where lighting and material aesthetic are less important. It can also be useful in projects before materials have been specified or signed off.

AVR3: Accurate Visual Representation Level 3

As Level 2, plus all materials and accurate lighting. This is the most advanced and accurate render. It now includes all building materials (e.g. textures, colours, finishes, foliage), as well as state of the art lighting simulations. AVR3 renders are photorealistic. The aim of these images is to show exactly how the scheme will look upon completion. They can be used for publicity, public consultation or evidence at a public enquiry.

Because they are so widely viewed, the details are captured as accurately as possible. Materials and lighting are matched as closely as possible with the original photos. Tree mitigation and architectural planting are included and match up precisely with plans provided. These renders present a definitive impression of the proposal.

By accurately combining an image of a proposed development with a representation of its existing context, Accurate Visual Representations “AVRs” explain the location, massing, degree of visibility, architectural form and choice of materials of a proposed development.

Cadmap Limited offer a unique Verified View Montage Photography and Surveying service for 3D Visualisation Companies who undertake Verified Views. Trained staff carry out the photography and surveying at the same time using specially engineered surveying equipment, the camera is perfectly sycrynised with the total station for alignment with the survey nail, once the photograph is captured, we simply remove the camera and clamp on the total Station and survey the detail required.

Prices are designed on a 'Per View' basis on both Photography and Surveying. 

Verified Views surveying.

In architecture, particularly in the UK, a verified view refers to a photomontage or visual representation used to accurately depict how a proposed development or building will look within its surrounding environment. These views are created using computer-generated imagery (CGI) overlaid onto actual photographs taken from specific viewpoints.

Verified views are often required as part of the planning application process for large-scale developments or projects that may significantly impact their surroundings. They provide planners, decision-makers, and the public with a realistic impression of how the proposed development will affect the existing landscape, skyline, and views from various vantage points.

To ensure credibility and accuracy, verified views must adhere to specific guidelines and methodologies established by planning authorities or professional bodies. This typically involves using precise surveying techniques, accurate scale models, and appropriate software to generate the visual representations. Additionally, the viewpoints selected for creating verified views are strategically chosen to encompass key perspectives from which the development's impact will be most noticeable.

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