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Cadmap Ltd can provide site setting out engineers for all types of setting out requirements. Our site engineers can coordinate points to be set out while onsite using AutoCAD, all points set out are recorded and 'as set out' drawings will be supplied for verification.

Site engineering: Our setting out engineers all hold valid CSCS cards and have experience working on busy construction sites. Staff are also trained in health and safety issues while working on construction sites.

What is Site Engineering Setting out?

Site engineering setting out refers to the process of establishing and marking the precise positions and dimensions of proposed structures or features on a construction site. It involves translating the design plans and specifications onto the actual site to guide the construction process accurately.

The setting out process is typically performed by site engineers or surveyors who use specialized surveying equipment and techniques to ensure that the construction activities align with the intended design. The primary objectives of site engineering setting out are:

  1. Positioning Structures: The surveyor sets out the positions of buildings, roads, utilities, foundations, structural elements, and other components according to the design plans. This involves marking points, lines, and reference points on the ground to guide the construction team during the building process.

  2. Aligning and Leveling: The surveyor establishes the correct alignment and level of various structural elements to ensure they are positioned accurately and in accordance with the design. This includes setting out centerlines, boundaries, and other critical reference lines.

  3. Checking Dimensions: The surveyor verifies the dimensions and measurements specified in the design plans. This may involve measuring distances, angles, heights, and other critical dimensions to ensure they match the design requirements.

  4. Controlling Levels and Gradients: The surveyor establishes the required levels and gradients for the construction elements, such as roads, drainage systems, and platforms. This ensures proper drainage, accessibility, and conformity to design specifications.

  5. Quality Control: Site engineering setting out helps ensure that construction activities are executed to the required standards and tolerances. It allows for the early detection and correction of any discrepancies or errors in the construction process.

Cadmap Site engineering setting London out plays a crucial role in ensuring that the constructed elements align with the design intent, facilitating smooth construction operations, and minimizing errors or rework. It provides a reference framework for the construction team to work from and ensures that the final product meets the design requirements accurately.

To perform site engineering setting out, surveyors typically use surveying instruments like total stations, theodolites, levels, and GPS (Global Positioning System) equipment to accurately measure distances, angles, elevations, and positions on the construction site.

If you require a setting out job please contact Cadmap - info@cadmap.co.uk

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To View the RICS specification Measured Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utilities, 3rd edition click Here