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"Specialising in measured building, land & topographical surveys"

Land Topographical Surveys

Topographical Land Surveyors London and Land Topographcal Surveyors Surrey.

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The measurement and mapping the levels of land is key to building development for the future and essential for land administration and management.

Cadmap produce accurate site surveys of the land for many different clients such as, planners, architects, designers and developers providing high quality topographical surveys for the design and future development of the projects. Land surveys indicate all ground related features on the site to their true position which is key for any design taking place. Cadmap's Land Surveyors Surrey operate Leica 1200 and 1100 series total stations and are fully trained with all aspects of land surveying and site setting out. All land surveyors hold current CSCS cards for entry on to building sites for any site engineering and are CRB certified for any school surveys that may be required. Topographical Land surveyors brighton, london, surrey. https://cadmap.co.uk/

Topographic Land Survey of farmland shown below carried out in Berkshire.

Cadmap ensure our surveying techniques are in accordance with the RICS specifications and we deliver surveys to the highest quality. Land surveyor Surrey. 

Producing a land level survey of the site is important due to the impact on design requirements. Cadmap can produce level surveys showing contours in 2D and 3D model outputs, a level survey can be captured with GPS surveying equipment for relationship to OS grid and level datum alternatively the survey can be based on a local ordnance survey benchmark. Land surveyors london.

After the site work on any topographical survey is complete the data is processed then interrogated using SCC and Geosite Survey Office software. The raw data is quality checked and approved to ensure the accuracy of the land survey. Topographical Survey, Floor level surveys, site surveys. Land surveyor Sussex.

Cadmap undertake topographical Land Surveys in London. Topographical Land Surveys in Brighton. Topographical Land Surveyors in Southampton. Topographical Land Surveyors in Surrey. 

A Topographical survey being carried out at a site in london.

Undertaking a topographical survey at a site in Woking Surrey.

Cadmap Limited's London Office is located at Office 9, Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London, United Kingdom, SW19 2RR and another london office based in north london at 2 Woodberry Grove, North Finchley, London, N12 0DR.

 Undertaking a topographical survey at a site in Brighton.

What is a Topographical Survey?

A topographical survey, also known as a land survey or a topo survey, is a surveying method used to gather detailed information about the physical features and characteristics of a piece of land or a specific area. It involves measuring and mapping various natural and man-made features on the land's surface.

The primary purpose of a topographical survey is to accurately represent the three-dimensional shape and configuration of the land, including its elevations, contours, and other significant features. The survey provides a comprehensive understanding of the existing terrain, which is crucial for planning, design, and construction of infrastructure, development projects, land management, and various other applications. Land Surveyor in Surrey.

During a land topographical survey london, surveyors use a combination of traditional and modern surveying techniques and equipment. This can include the use of total stations, GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers, aerial photogrammetry, laser scanning, and other advanced instruments. https://cadmap.co.uk/

A Topographical survey being carried out at a site in Surrey.

Cadmap have a topographic land survey office based in London, a land survey office based in Brighton. A topographic land Surveying office based in surrey. A land topographical surveying in Southampton.

The Cadmap surveyors traverse the land, taking precise measurements at various points to establish the elevation and position of key features such as buildings, roads, trees, rivers, fences, utility infrastructure, and any other relevant elements. The collected data is then processed and analyzed to generate accurate topographical maps, plans, and digital models, which typically include contour lines, spot heights, and other annotations to depict the land's characteristics.

Topographical surveys are essential for a range of purposes, including urban planning, engineering design, construction projects, environmental assessments, land development, property boundary determination, and more. They provide critical information for decision-making, visualization, and analysis of the land, ensuring that any proposed development or modification takes into account the existing conditions and constraints of the site. https://cadmap.co.uk/

If you require a Topographical Survey please contact Cadmap - info@cadmap.co.uk

Topographical Land Surveyors Southampton.

Undertaking a land survey at a site in London.

If you require a land or topographical survey in London, Sussex, Surrey and surrounding areas, please contact us or email a plan outlining the area you require surveying, with a specification and we will provide a free quotation within 24 hours, outlining our time scales and prices. Survey company in London, brighton, surrey.

Below are some of the clients we provide topographical surveys for.

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Topographical Land Surveyors Brighton.

To View the RICS specification Measured Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utilities, 3rd edition click Here https://geospatialsurveys.co.uk/

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