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"Specialising in measured building, land & topographical surveys"

Drainage Surveyors London and Surrey. Drain Tracing Surveys Surrey.

Drain Surveyors London. Drainage Surveyors Brighton and Surrey. Drainage Survey Service Southampton. Drainage Surveys

Cadmap provide detailed drainage layout drawings of existing sewers.

Cadmap carry out Tracing drainage using lifting and dipping methods, along with tools like a cobra reel and dye testing, helps in accurately identifying and mapping the path of water flow in a drainage system. This process is essential for understanding drainage patterns, detecting blockages, and planning maintenance or repairs. Here’s a detailed overview of these methods:

Lifting and Dipping Cadmap Drainage Surveys Surrey

CCTV Drainage Surveys London and Surrey

Cadmap Drainage Surveys Combining Cobra Reel and Dye Testing

Using a cobra reel and dye testing together can provide a comprehensive assessment of a drainage system. Here’s how they can be integrated:

  1. Initial Survey with Cobra Reel:

    • Use the cobra reel with a camera attachment to inspect the interior of the pipes visually.
    • Identify any obvious blockages, damage, or areas of concern.
  2. Dye Testing:

    • Introduce dye into the system to trace the flow and pinpoint leaks or improper connections.
    • Observe where the dye appears or fails to appear, providing additional information on the drainage paths and potential issues.
  3. Follow-Up with Cobra Reel:

    • After dye testing, use the cobra reel again to focus on areas identified by the dye test for a more detailed inspection or to clear any discovered blockages.