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Desktop Utility Studies

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Cadmap Limited provide desktop utility searches, Desktop utility mapping refers to the process of creating detailed digital maps and records of underground and above-ground utility infrastructure within a specific geographic area using desktop software applications. These maps and records provide valuable information for urban planning, construction projects, infrastructure maintenance, emergency response, and other activities that require knowledge of utility locations. Here are the key components and steps involved in desktop utility mapping:


Statutory utility searches, often known as utility search or utility location searches, are a crucial part of due diligence in construction, excavation, and land development projects. These searches involve obtaining information from utility companies, public records, and relevant authorities to determine the presence and location of underground utility lines and infrastructure within a specific area. The goal is to ensure that construction or excavation work does not accidentally damage utility lines, which could lead to safety hazards, service disruptions, and costly repairs. Here's an overview of statutory utility searches:

Statutory Record Searches