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"Specialising in measured building, land & topographical surveys"

Cadmap Limited News...

November  2023

July 2023

June 2023

June 2023

CADmap Limited is a surveying and geospatial data company based in the UK. They specialize in providing accurate and detailed mapping services using the latest surveying technology and software. CADmap offers a range of surveying services, including topographical surveys, measured building surveys, 3D laser scanning, and utility mapping.

Their services involve capturing data from the physical environment and creating digital maps and models. This data can be used for various purposes, such as architectural and engineering design, urban planning, land development, and infrastructure projects.

CADmap Limited uses computer-aided design (CAD) software and other advanced tools to process and analyze the survey data, producing high-quality deliverables that meet the specific needs of their clients. Their expertise in surveying and mapping helps clients make informed decisions and enhance their project planning and development processes.

June 2023

For all your detailed Drainage drawings showing pipe sizes, flow direction, surface or foul, condition reports etc.


May 2023

Utility Surveying is a highly specialised process and requires an experienced team using the correct methodolgy and the latest technolgy. We specialise in the mapping of underground buried services accurately on the ground to show a full representation of existing services running through the potential development site.

May 2023

Another Year and Proud moment to be accredited as a full member for another 12 months. The role of TSA is to promote best practice amongst its members, provide a forum for members for discussion, debate and continuing professional development and, to the wider audience such as engineers and architects, provide guidance on new methods and techniques and a list of suitably qualified and experienced companies.TSA meets regularly with RICS and CICES on a range of issues and has established a group called the SLG, or Survey Liaison Group. This body convenes at regular intervals to examine matters of mutual interest and to ensure that there is little or no duplication of effort by the three bodies.  Representatives from the Geospatial Commission also regularly join SLG meetings. https://geospatialsurveys.co.uk  

Visit TSA here -The Survey Association

April 2023

Cadmap Limted are creating a demo video showcasing the Navvis VLX slam based  scanner along with UAV drone cinematic qualities in a pormo clip while surveying the famous The British Airways 1984  "Landor" livery registration G-BNLY at Dunsfold Aerodrome which the footage will show the jet  inside and out with point cloud data merged with film footage. Once the video is complete we will share this on social media you can find it on our youtube channel - watch this space..........................

Link to Navvis website  -Navvis

Feb 2023

Feb 2023

Cadmap Ltd have invested in a Leica DS200 GPR scanner to add to our equipment fleet. 

A brief overview of the Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar.

The Leica DS2000 detects and positions underground assets, gathering vital information. Data collection and export of underground utilities, from storm sewers to fibre optics is possible with the Leica DS2000. https://geospatialsurveys.co.uk/

Jan 2023

Cadmap Ltd have invested in a Leica RTC360 scanner to add to our equipment fleet. The Leica RTC360 3D reality capture solution empowers users to document and capture their environments in 3D, improving efficiency and productivity in the field and in the office through fast, simple-to-use, accurate, and portable hardware and software. The RTC360 3D laser scanner is the solution for professionals to manage project complexities with accurate and reliable 3D representations and discover the possibilities of any site.

October 2018

Directors Certificate - General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)-General Data Protection Regulations.

March 2018

Cadmap Ltd recently assisted BBC Top Gear  for their Guinness World Record attempt for the worlds fastest tractor which they smashed at  87.271 miles per hour (140 kph), the previous record was 80.87mph (128kph) in 2015. We were instructed to set out and measure the gradient and 1000m section of the runway at Bruntingthorpe.    https://wellnessforwomen.co.uk/ 

October 2017

Cadmap Ltd are proud to have assisted with topographical survey work for DIYSOS 'The Big Build' BBC television programme.

July 2016

We are really pleased to have been able to help Wings and Wheels airshow at Dunsfold add something a little different to their Boeing 747 tour this year.

Read full story here.