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CAD Scale Factors. Scaling Views In viewport layouts.  

AutoCAD (CAD) - Plot Scales for Paper Space, to set scales. Scaling in AutoCAD the complete guide. AutoCAD Scale Factors Charts.

Plot Scales for Paper Space - Z XP CAD Scales

AutoCAD or CAD plot scales for paper space. The below table shows you how to set the scale within paper space in AutoCAD to the correct scales. CAD Scales.

In AutoCAD paper space, plot scales are essential for accurately representing the size of objects on paper relative to their size in model space. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up plot scales in AutoCAD for paper space:

AutoCAD Scale Factors Charts

Example to set to 1:200m scale.

Double click in the paper space area to activate the paper space.

AutoCAD command  - Z - enter button - 5xp this will set the scale to 1:200m