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"Specialising in measured building, land & topographical surveys"



Structural Monitoring Surveys, London, Brighton, Sussex, Surrey and surrounding areas

To monitor movement on a building or structure.

Type 1 (Standard Monitor).

A number of retro targets will be strategically glued/positioned to the building/structure faces. Precise monitoring will take place with a number of closed loop traverses and measurements to the targets in order to provide a mean set of coordinated results which will be used as a base and comparison for further visits.

Returning to site at requested intervals to re-survey the targets and produce reports on any movement in the building.

These will be shown by positive/negative values in a spreadsheet format. An example can be seen below.

The photo above shows the retro targets fixed to the building face.

Type 2 (Precision Monitoring).

This process is similar to Type 1 standard monitor but involves using a 'mini prism' type target which are fixed to the structure/building and use of a 00.1" survey instrument, this also includes re-traversing all monitoring control. A mini prism can be seen below. Please note that there is a cost implication with this method of survey.