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"Specialising in measured building, land & topographical surveys"



Stage One

Locate the View position and establish camera and survey point with Survey Nail or Wooden Peg.
Stage Two

Set up Surveying tripod, level and align the position over the Survey nail using the optical plummet device on the carrier, this is calibrated for the camera as well as the total station.

Stage Three

Mount Camera onto the specially engineered Surveying Tripod, Tribrach and Carrier. Take High resolution photographs of the view in question using the Cannon 5D Mk ii.
Stage Four

Remove the Camera and mount Leica Total Station straight onto the Tribrach, check the laser plummit for alignment.

Stage Five

Survey 15 to 20 random points on fixed details. Survey Fore, Mid and background coordinated survey points.
Stage Six

Coordinate the Camera / Survey Location using Leica GPS technology to give accurate OS GPS Coordinates.

Stage Seven https://cadmap.co.uk/

Export 3D XYZ file into an Excel spreadsheet showing descriptions of the points surveyed.

Identification PointsEastingsNorthingsHeightHeight
Camera Location533217.487179681.44535.296Survey nail in Peg
1533217.487179681.44550.524Top of Parapet Roof
2533204.708179666.16641.513Top of Parapet Roof
3533228.582179650.21941.515Top of Parapet Roof
4533253.243179614.58922.215Top of Ridge
5533231.144179621.92923.854Top of Ridge
6533234.328179628.43020.187Top of Ridge
7533271.400179617.29421.238Top of Ridge
8533182.642179624.68718.546Top of Ridge
9533171.622179628.63215.645Top of Ridge
10533194.510179650.90711.918Top Right of Window Frame
11533247.599179636.02010.985Top Right of Window Frame
12533249.106179641.62114.532Top of Ridge

Stage Eight https://cadmap.co.uk/

Annotate Points numbers onto the photograph which relates to the Excel Spreadsheet giving a clear indication of which point has what coordinates.