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"Specialising in measured building, land & topographical surveys"

Underground Services Surveys

GPR Surveys, Utility Mapping Survey, Underground Services, London, Southampton, Brighton, Sussex, Surrey and surrounding areas

London based Underground Utility Surveyors specialising in GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) surveys, Radio Detection Scanning, Drainage Surveys and CCTV Drainage Condition Surveys. All utility surveys are PAS-128 compliant.

Cadmap Utility GPR Surveying is a highly professional Underground Utility Surveyors, we specialise in the mapping of underground buried services accurately on the ground to show a full representation of existing services running through the potential development site or highways.

To locate the position of underground services and pipes is critical before any excavation work begins, to avoid a potential disaster. Undertaking an Underground services report gives you the vital information required to avoid such problems. All services located and mapping accurately plotted onto a CAD drawing using Leica Total stations and can be delivered in a variety of file formats.

Cadmap Underground Surveying London, professional staff operate the latest in Ground Penetrating Radar technology such as the IDS Detector Duo and Radio Detection RD8000. 

Underground Utility Surveys

Cadmap attend site equipped with an original land survey which shows the position of all service covers. The surveyors traces underground cables, pipes using Radio Detection methods and ground penetrating radar equipment such as the RD8000 Detector, TX10 Genny and IDS Dectector Duo GPR. This information is then added to the existing survey, all connections, depths to pipes or cables direction are clearly presented on the drawings. All utility gpr surveys are PAS-128 compliant.

Drainage Investigations.

Cadmap attend site equipped with an original land survey which shows the position and the level of manhole covers. Manhole covers are lifted in a safe and secure manor to ensure no danger is at risk to the public. Invert readings are measured, direction of flows are established and pipe sizes noted along with sewer construction, either foul or surface. This information is then added to the existing survey, all connections, invert levels and direction of flows are clearly presented on the drawings.

Terms and Conditions for Utility/GPR Survey

Cadmap Ltd will endeavour to locate all buried services or sought features using a combination of electromagnetic detection and ground penetrating radar methods. We operate only within the industry wide limitations of these types of technologies. As such we cannot guarantee to include certain services/features in our survey. Where services or features cannot be located on site this will be recorded and record information will be annotated onto the site plans where available. Depth information on all services will be provided where available, but cannot be guaranteed. Utility Surveyors Hampshire and Southampton.

Specifically concerning GPR, on site factors such as concrete reinforcing bars, made up/rubble filled ground construction, high metal content in ground, water saturated areas, surface obstacles on site/uneven ground can all affect the quality of GPR data and ability to carry out a full survey. Surveys are compliant with PAS128 standards and practices.


Services we include

  • Electric supply cables to street lighting/other accessible powered structures
  • Low voltage electric cables 240v and higher
  • High voltage electric cables
  • Telecoms/Communications cables
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Drainage pipework where accessible from manhole chambers or other drainage features
  • Water pipes 63mm diameter and over
  • Gas pipes 63mm diameter and over
  • Fuel pipes 63mm diameter and over
  • Heating pipes
  • Underground service ducting
  • Specified radar locatable features (designated at time of enquiry)

Services we don’t include

  • Cut off, abandoned or disused utilities
  • Designation of a utility as live or dead
  • Individual service connections to properties without direct access
  • Drainage without available access points for a transmitter probe
  • Internal utilities (unless previously agreed)
  • Information within areas unsafe for working
  • Confined space entry into manhole chambers
  • Information for manholes found to be “unable to lift”

To View the RICS specification Measured Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utilities, 3rd edition click Here